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Botmdollar Internet Marketing

We are a group of internet marketers, and collaborating talent local to the Palm Beach Gardens area.  We are working every day to strengthen our customer’s market with the latest cutting edge technology, and have proven performance methods for Google, Google +1, Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, just to name a few, and can work with any site’s situation, or any owners dreams to make a site that will truly stand apart from the crowd.  Our sites are top earners because of the time that we spend in research.  Our basic build always starts with research on your niche and keywords, which gives us a good idea of where your current optimization is going to take you, and what our Enhancement will provide.

If your a new site owner, or planning a site that’s fine!

We can work with you no matter the state of your idea or build. Our team is skilled at working with the internet, no matter what capacity you wish to operate in. From upstart to aged domains, we take care of everything, providing a plan to build for the future and longevity of your site.

What kind of site should you have??

We are versed in many languages and web platforms. Blogs, Forums, Social Media, HTML, PHP, and any combination of languages are great, as we can work with any them. From WordPress to FlexBB we have you covered on the most up to date designs with the newest trends.  All of our work is done in house, and we design on premises, so feel free to sit in and direct a custom banner, either online or at our office.

So what’s the difference??

So what’s the difference you might ask? A lot of people want to know what makes us the better choice for design, repair, or enhancement of their website. Well, the difference is Conversion and Monetization. Our design specialist has a college degree in psychology, that allows us to produce winning designs, based on what is attractive to the human psyche. Everything from text size to background color is taken into account, and a fitting refinement or website is designed.  Our websites are to the internet marketing world what Ferrari is to the automotive world. It runs smoother, looks better, and performs! The best part is, we do it on a small price tag!

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